The Vikings Spring Banquet
April 1st 2000

The following pictures were all taken by myself at the recent banquet hosted by The Temesvikings.
The event took place in a converted 15thC barn near Gatwick Airport in Surrey and was attended by about 140 Vikings and their guests from all over England and Wales. As is always the case the emphasis was on having a good time with friends and comrades, not on hyper-authenticity. The menu though was as authentic as modern tastes will allow. The shortage of Temesvikings members in these photos is because they did the cooking, serving and all the other running around that banquets need to make them work. So the first picture slot is dedicated to them. All photos are copyright me, Pete James. Please let me know in advance if you wish to reproduce them anywhere else.

Special thanks go to Chloe and her family who, as well as the cooking, did so much to make the weekend a roaring success. The Menu was as authentic as modern tastes will allow and consisted of :
Light Vegetable Soup
Game Pie
Cracked Wheat With Mixed Braised Veg
Roast Chicken
Almond Cake

Clicking on the thumbnails below will open up a larger (300kb) version of the same.

Snorri Nine-toes and
the Lady Chloe

Chris, Jarl of The Wolves of Andred

Simon and Sue, house-trained Welsh !

Joy of the Wolves of Andred

The Druid and his Lady

A very strange Jarl !

Deep in conversation !

Hannah daughter of Dean
of Temesvik

Younger child of Alain of Temesvik

Knut Guthrothrson & Georgios The Greek

Elder child of Alain of Temesvik

A real family affair

Thorgill and Odillia

Thorleif and his Lady

Robert and his lady Hannah

Neil and Maria of Manareafan

Lech, the punk Viking

Unknown Vikings !

Karen of Y'Draig

Frania, assistant battle captain for The Vikings ( & Lechs' mum)

Rig and his lady Hraffi

More Kids !

Paul, Sturaesman of The Gesithas

Gunnar and Lance of Valhalla

Vikki of Valhalla

Bryan of Valhalla

Gareth of Valhalla and Me, Guthrothr of the Temesvikings