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Valhalla as part of the Barbarians fighting King Arthur's Knights At Tewksbury 1985

Bottom left, in a chain shirt and goatskin leggings, Pete
Geoff and Ian are standing together, Geoff in a chain shirt with vambraces, Ian is in a leather jacket.
Behind Geoff and Ian is Ted (brown leather jack) and Terry (dark blue)
Tony is next facing away from us in a brown(?) shirt and chain
Next, in red Rus trousers is Ritchie
I think the guy in a blue tunic is Bob Steel
Above Bob is Dave White
The guy in the white tunic and small kite shield is Oleg
Mike Haywood is fighting with his helmet tipped back
They guy behind Mike, is Bob Davis, his second 'squire'
My memory of the day is that we had 14 fighters present, 7 with dane-axes ! The above list names 12, including all 7 Dane-axemen, but if anyone can supply the missing two names please let me know.

Iver Village Fair, Summer 1987

Iver 1987

L-R (Kneeling): Tony, Geoff, Gary, Theresa, Sandra, Lynn
(Standing) : Dave W, Dave (Builder), Simon, Paul, Mike, ?, Oleg, ?, Ian, ?, Bob, Gary Davis, Kevin, Kathy.

Copyright © Peter James 1987
Please email me Guthroth Of Colanhomm
if you can fill in any of the missing names.