After several years away from wargaming I started getting back into it again towards the end of 2003.

One of the things I've re-discovered is the HOTT (Hordes Of The Things) rules that I first bought when they came out in 1992. HOTT is a set of fast play miniatures rules for fantasy battles. They are published by the Wargames Research Group and were written and developed by Phil Barker, Sue Laflin-Barker and Richard Bodley Scott.

They follow the modern ancient wargaming ideas of defining a troop type by it's historical role and effect rather than descending into the minutia of exactly what weapons were carried and how they were used.

HOTT takes this idea and expands it into the realm of fantasy without diverging far from historical prototypes.

The rulebook includes a large number of army lists from quasi-history and fiction, but there is really no limit to what you can do with these rules as virtually any troop type can be covered from stone age cave men to 41st century Star marines !

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There is an unofficial website for HOTT here and a Yahoo mailing list

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Both are owned by Alan - the Godfather of HOTT - who got me hooked on this game again.

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3rd November 2005