Napoleons Army

Over the years (30+), my longest lasting passion has been for Napoleonics, so it was natural I should create a Napoleonic HOTT army very quickly. Working from the suggestions in the rule book, and using figures I had spare already, I created this army first.

1 x Hero general (Ney) 4 AP

1 x Artillery (Cannon) 3 AP

5 x Warband (French Infantry in attack column) 10 AP

2 x Riders (Lancers) 4 AP

1 x Knights (Cuirassiers) 2 AP

1 x Horde (Westphalian Infantry) 1 AP

This represents the beginning of a 'pool' from which I can chop and change the elements that I use when creating a 24 AP army and as such this army will be expanded considerably soon. I am planning a Flyer (Balloon) 3AP, another Artillery (Cannon) 3AP plus another Hero (Lannes) 4AP and the Old Guard (Behemoth) 4AP .

I have to say that I'm not convinced by the HOTT rulebook suggestion that French infantry should be shooters. Given their faster movement that other armies of the day, their tendancy to attack in column, the way that the armies of the older regimes collapsed on first contact and the way in whch history suggests they had poor fire combat skills, all suggests to me that they should in fact be Warbands. Likewise the Old Guard were a very dangerous opponant but only while going forward, so a large number of figures on a Behemoth base seems to suit them best.

Napoleon also made me think a little. His stature combined with occasional absence or departure from the battlefield for no good reason is much more God-like in its behaviour, so I plan to set him as a God with a phalanx of Old Guard Grenadiers supporting him. If used this way, the Old Guard Behemoth is not available.

In order to accomodate the HOTT rulebook view of the French however, I have also provided 4 bases of 4 as shooters.

Since I have spare Prussian figres as well, I also plan a Prussian Napoleonic version along the following lines :

1 x Hero general (Bluecher) 4 AP

1 x Magician (Gniesenau) 4 AP

1 x Artillery (Cannon) 3 AP

3 x Spears (Infantry) 6 AP

2 x Riders (Cavalry) 4 AP

3 x Horde (Landwehr) 3 AP

To complete the trio of armies for the Napoleonic era there are the British.