Space 2020

HOTTBAP 05 I'm going to play in the HOTTBAP tournament at Beer and Pretzels, and for this I wanted to creat a new army from scratch.

The theme for the competition was 'The Final Frontier' so I set about looking for inspiration. The army which eventualy emerged is very much in keeping with the theme, and draws heavily on TV, comic book and real life influences from the late 60's and early 70's.

It had it's first outing at IverHott 1 where, despite my never having played with it before and having no previous experience with some of the units involved, it performed very well, and was described by someone present as " a bit tasty - I'm certainly not looking forward to facing it at Burton".

The bad news is that, since a few fellow Burton-ites were at Iver, I won't be revealing any more about the new army until after the event, but I am working on the 12AP expansion, as well as a 36 AP opposition for it.