Battle of The Nile 18th March 2005

British Fleet Under Sail

The British fleet enters Aboukir Bay

The Enemey Fleet Is Sighted

Battle is joined

The Gurierre is pounded !

Battle is truly joined. Zealous is on fire, while Vanguard turns to pierce the French line

9.15 The Mellee. The British centre is in action, while the rear and the Majestic move up to engage the French

Mutinee forces Gurierre to strike, while the Serieuse strikes after being boarded by the Audacious


L'Orient engaged

The French Van is battered into submission


10.55 3 x French 74's and the Serious, all struck

10.55 Aquilon about to explode under fire from Vanguard

10.55 Purpure Sovereign, Franklin, L'Orient and Tonnant

10.55 French Rear Division doing serious damage to Alexander and Culloden

10.55 Composite of whole action