Pete's Wargames Page

When I'm not doing the Vikings thing, I attend a wargames club in Staines.

I've been collecting and painting figures for 35 years so I have a large collection, and the links below give you some idea of the range I play nowadays.

  • Staines Wargames Club - where I game

    Staines Wargames is a friendly club with regular games on a Fiday night. This is often World war 2, Napoleonic Naval or Medieaval, with figures or models supplied by various members.

    Photos from recent games are linked below

  • Battle of the Nile - Battle of The Nile re-fight

  • Battle of the Trafalgar - Partial re-fight of Trafalgar from Alans' site.

  • Operation Sealion Game - Major German Victory !

    Personally, nowadays, I also enjoy the short sharp actions provided by Hordes Of The Things - a fantasy offshoot of the DBA/DBM series of games. More details of my HOTT armies can be found by following my link to HOTT gaming !

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